Some Destinations for Shopping in Makassar

Indonesia can be one of the great country for tourisms. This country can provides great destinations and they are complete packages. People can find great destinations for the awesome scenery of nature, cultural and historical sites and also shopping destinations. These can be found in this big archipelago country. In this case, one of the great spot for shopping is Makassar. Makassar becomes one of the big cities in Indonesia, and it is the biggest city in eastern part of Indonesia. This city is the capital of South Sulawesi province and Sulawesi itself becomes one of the biggest land in Indonesia. Of course, the great things about Makassar is not only about its status. There are many things to find in Makassar and shopping in Makassar is one of the best things to explore in Indonesia.

Makassar is the great place to find and shop the gold and pearls. Visiting Makassar will be useless if tourists do not bring the gold and pearls as the merchandises. Of course, those materials will be shaped in the great jewelry and they are worth to bring since they have become one of the iconic spots in Makassar. In this case, Sumba Opu Street is one of the great destination to find gold and pearls. There are many shops selling gold, silver and pearls. They are in good shape and design and these can be great gifts for the loved ones. The silvers and gold are mined in Kalimantan and they are shaped in Makassar. Then, the pearls are found in the deep seas of Ambon and Papua that has been so famous in creating the high quality pearls. In the Sumba Opu street, it is also possible to find crafts from woodcarving done by the people in Bali. There are many kinds of handicrafts to buy in the shops along this street. Of course, tourist cannot ignore the beauty of hand-woven cloths made by the native women in Toraja. This street can be great choice of shopping in makassar.

In this case, Makassar will not be called as the best destinations for shopping the great crafts if there is only Sumba Opu Street. Sumba Opu street is one of the choices or alternatives to find in Makassar. Of course, there are also other shopping destination for shopping in makassar.

  • Toko Kerajinan Unggul is one of the famous shop to find merchandises or souvenirs to bring back home. In this case, the items are mostly made by the local people of Makassar, so it represents the great and authentic arts of Makassar. There are handicrafts and trinkets. Clothes and fabrics in great quality and beautiful designs can also be bought in this shop. Furthermore, shirts and snacks are possible to find. Makassar is famous for its Marquisa Syrup and it can be bought in this shop.
  • For the lovers of traditional woven silks, Aneka Sutra can be the right choice. This can be the best location in Makassar to find the genuine and unique silks woven by the women of Makassar. The designs and prints are so beautiful and unique and these make tourists love the silks.
  • For modern shopping destination and entertainment, Trans Studio Mall Makassar can be the option. This will provides nice experience of shopping in mall of Makassar.