From corner to corner: S9 screen resemble to S8

It’s time for us to talk about the quality of the display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship, but before that let us start with the Galaxy S8 screen: behind its 5.8-inch panel, this phone hides a Super AMOLED panel that achieves a Quad HD + resolution ( 2,960 x 1,440 pixels ), resulting in a density Of 570 ppi pixels. And in this section we are not going to go around with rodeos: we are before if not the best, one of the best screens ever had a mobile. The company will retain the screen size and cherish its next module with 5.8” screen size, an edge-to-edge display of AMOLED, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. In addition to this, devoid of any physical Home button plus having a new location for the finger print reader – wonderful appearance Galaxy S9 attained. Moreover, the 6/8 GB RAM in S9 is meticulous.

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We say it is one of the best screens for several reasons. We say for example the panel Super AMOLED : it is a delight to see series on this phone at night on the sofa with the lights off, and nothing equals the feeling of checking that even in the scenes in which there are- Example – a room in the dark does not show a trace of brightness on the screen. What has to be black looks black on the screen; that, unfortunately, no IPS LCD panel manages to emulate one hundred percent. The leaked news about Galaxy S9: lovely body color variants.  Initially, the general colors of S9 will be sold- Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. After that, secondary colors will be marketed- bubble gum pink color,  a mid-range green color, and bright matte red.

S8 Super AMOLED disadvantages resolved by S9

Talking about Galaxy S8, the colors, the contrasts (some will say that they are too saturated… a matter of taste) and the sharpness of the image are ten. Much of the picture settings are customizable, and although we did the whole test with the “Adaptive display” mode enabled, in the configuration, we could also choose between “AMOLED Cinema”, “AMOLED Photo” and “Basic”. What is also customizable is the resolution of the screen, which comes from the factory configured in Full HD + mode (2.220 x 1.080), and if we want to have the Quad HD + we must activate it manually. According to an industry insider, the display concept of Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best among the smartphones of all previous and this’ years and so all those screen issues Samsung is going to resolve by launching its next beast, capable of competing with its rivals, the Galaxy S9.

Processor and price

According to the Korean reports, Samsung and Qualcomm are working mutually in order to unveil a modish smartphone next year which will work speedily, more powerfully and more comfortably. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and Adreno GPU built by 7nm FinFET technology.

The expected price of this upcoming brilliant smartphone Galaxy S9 is 1004.693 USD.