Alternate To Growth Hormones

The human growth hormone is the most vital hormone of the human body. It is produced in the pituitary gland and regulates our day to day hormone secretion and body’s growth. The pituitary gland is the major gland of the endocrine system. The other glands include the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. The growth hormones that are secreted are peptide in nature and belong to a cluster of polypeptide chains and small proteins. It, by and large, contains over 191 amino acids and regulates chemical signaling of the human body. This further ensures that instructions are given to cells to conduct their daily tasks. Tasks largely include metabolic activities in the human body.

An alternative way of life

With changing lifestyles, the body is growing deficient when it comes to producing the human growth hormone. The deficiency is affecting both children and adults en masse and they need to undergo therapies and treatments for smooth secretion of this hormone. The hormones which are given are synthetic in nature and is often referred to as recombinant human growth hormone. If the hormone is not provided on time major setbacks like cholesterol increase, depression, social isolation, fatigue, weight gain and other problems which might culminate into chronic diseases. A common synthetic drug which is gaining popularity is the Norditropin Pen. It is the brand name for somatropin and is used extensively by bodybuilders to acquire a lean look and improve endurance and stamina. This drug is prescription based and cannot be bought off the rack. Then pen format is an easy way to push the growth hormone in the human body.

There are other types of products which are available in the market, but this is the best one which has limited side effects. Some people use this drug to stop the aging process and weight loss pill. There are other methods of weight loss available in the market which include pills, tablets, intravenous shots and even tea.

Side effects and word of caution

People tend to go overboard and end up overdosing on hormone supplements. They are usually ignorant of the harmful side effects or feel that it is work taking a risk. Acromegaly is a disease which is incurable and takes the patients down. Symptoms include oversizing of the arms and limbs and broadening of the forehead. The person tends to sweat excessively and the jaws also get enlarged along with chubby lips. The treatment is extremely critical and often needs an expert to fix the same. Not many are proficient enough to cure it and end up making matters worse.

The other side effects of Norditropin Pen include high blood pressure along with diabetes and hypertension. Cardiovascular disorders and migraine pains. It is usually advised to refrain from this drug if you are lactating or pregnant or under the influence of anti-psychotic drugs. Likewise, it is crucial to narrate your entire medical history to your doctor before he prescribes you the drug. Your dosage pattern will usually vary between 0.1mg to 0.25 mg depending on your history.