Tips to Buy a Used Car in Bangalore

India’s used car or pre-owned car market has shown a steady growth since 2015. The ownership cycles of cars have shortened. This means that a car that was launched a year back will be available for purchase as pre-owned or used car. This is definitely a good sign for customers who are looking to buy used cars.

So, if you are looking to buy a used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore, here are a few helpful tips to follow.

Check Make Year & Kilometres Covered

This will help you determine the value of the car. A car that was manufactured less than 5 years ago will be valued higher. But if the same car has logged in exceptionally high number of kilometres in the odometer, then the chances are the car will have higher depreciation.

Get Your Own Inspection Done

If you are going to a dealership to buy a used car then they will show you an inspection certificate or a report. However, it’s better to get your own inspection done. It’s also good to have a friend of family member accompany you for the inspection so that if you miss something important they can notice it.

Check for Documents

Ensure that all the important papers related to the car are in place. Check very specifically for documents like RC book, tax receipt, insurance policy, PUC certificate, and road tax paid receipt. A missing document can land you in unfavourable situation.

Take s Test Drive

Just like a new car, you can drive the used car. This will give you better idea of the condition of the car. This will help you determine the condition of the engine, the car’s hold on the road, steadiness of the steering wheel, and condition of the gearbox and clutch plates.