The All Year Round Garden

Hydroponics and Tents

It’s wet, windy and cold outside and you cannot wait for spring to arrive so as you can go out and get your hands dirty all over again. Have you ever considered grow tents as a winter substitute to shoo away those cold and lonely winter blues? Perhaps, you could incorporate hydroponics which is growing without soil coupled with normal indoor planting. Hydroponics uses water, liquids, sand or gravel and is currently experiencing a surge in interest.Image result for The All Year Round Garden

Here are some of the benefits of grow tents:-

The Types of Grow Tents and Prices

  • Cost effective
  • A new winter hobby
  • Offers versatility for indoor gardening
  • Avoid problems such as temperature controls
  • Dismisses problems like pest and plant disease
  • Using space that are not currently utilized such as attic, garage, shed or basement

There are many different ones to choose from and the most important issue to consider here is, the space you have available. There’s the Outsunny Hydroponics Grow Tent in the small size at £48.99 and then you have another choice of a much larger tent which has a dimension measure of height 3m x length 2m x width 2m and this will set you back £299! The range also covers the Indoor Dark Room Mylar Box Greenhouse Bud Plate which is a snip at £38.99 and if you require a slightly upgraded version of that, try the Greenhouse Room for Farm Home Garden listed as the DIY Plant Grow Tent and this will cost you £54.34.

The Fabric

By all means, treat this learning curve by comparing it to a normal camping tent and one of the key factors for purchasing one would be the type of fabric used. Yes, gone are the days where tents were made of waxed tough calico type material as it’s predominantly all plastic these days, it’s probably a cost thing. The fabric ultimately determines the quality of the tent, so look out for a tough heavy-duty outer canvas material and this often comes in polyester or nylon. Then, check out that the inner layer contains a reflective type material as the inner chamber must encourage efficient light extraction and sustenance.