Remembering That Proportion And Balance Are Essential In Bodybuilding

Do you have big arms but a weak chest, or a big chest but insubstantial back muscles? How about having a well-built upper torso, yet you have to hide your thin legs?

At some point in your training you will come across a body part that drags behind, and does not grow at the same rate as other body parts are doing. And, well, the other side of the coin could be that you have a body part that is showing growth at a higher rate than the others.

So what do you do?

 There are basically two schools of thought on the subject:

  1. Bring up your weak points to balance out the physique as a whole.
  2. Curtail the training of your strong body parts to allow the rest to catch up.

These points sound similar but with slight differences in how you would train all your muscle groups. If you are bringing up a weak point, you need to plan your workouts with regards to the prioritisation of that weak point and how often it is trained.

Bring up your weak points

If your weak point is your chest, and you do the chest exercises on Mondays, then it is ideal as you will have all the benefit from the weekend break. You will feel fresh and you are most likely to be free from muscle soreness and less tired. By prioritising a muscle group at the front of the week you can improve your workout performance for that group. Under the same principle, you would then place stronger muscle groups at the tail end of the training week, so they will get reduced energy. You can also use steroids, but make sure that it is legal to buy anabolics in your country.

Curtail the training of your strong body parts

The second point is when you have a body part that is more developed than the rest. For example, you have a large back but weak shoulders and arms. If you keep on training the back, then due to its high responsiveness to resistance training, it is certain that your back will continue to grow and make your body proportions even worse. In such a case, reducing, or even stopping for a while, any training for the back muscle groups might be a good idea.

So keep these points in consideration, and attain proportion and balance in your physique, which is as important as bulked up muscles.