Pilot Training Tips For The Beginner

If you have the desire to become a certified and trained pilot, it is very important for you to enroll in a good pilot training school first. This is your first step to becoming a trained pilot. When you are looking for a school, ensure that you enroll yourself in a good flight training school as they are graded on their performance. Most students should clear their check ride as if they do not they will not be certified as pilots. When you are choosing your school, ensure that you check its review and have top quality flight instructors to help you.


Take the check ride examination with patience

Ric Bucklew is a certified pilot and has years of valuable experience flying both commercial and private planes. When it comes to pilot training, he says that examinations will always make you nervous. The check ride examination is the final examination for you to become a pilot. When you are taking a practical examination, you will find that students are always prone to the code of silence. They concentrate on the flight techniques they should be embraced when they are flying a plane. It is also important for you to verbalize the technique you are engaged in. This also informs the flight instructor on how you are performing.

Do not lose your confidence

He says that when you are pilot training, it is very important for you not to lose your confidence. There are moments of fear but you should work on your weak areas. When you are on your check ride, remember that you are a pilot in command and it is important for you to ensure the safety of your passengers. The safety of your passenger is your utmost concern and when you are in charge of a flight, you will need to remain calm to protect them. This thought alone will help you not to panic.

Do not get too tensed that you forget the pre-flight briefing. You should also ensure that your examiner has his or her seat-belt on so it is prudent for you to check this. He says that you should never be intimidated by the passenger beside you. You are the one that is in command and this is what the final test is.

He also recommends the fact that you should not underestimate yourself when you are flying. You have undergone several hours of intensive training and you should ensure that you are confident when it comes to giving the examination. Now, the biggest consolation is that your examiner is confident of your flying skills or else he would not have decided to undergo this test with you. This takes away half of the tension. In short, it means that you are ready for the test and for this reason do not be afraid.

Rick Bucklewsays that when you are flying in the air, you are in command and the feeling is inexplicable. Your dreams of flying have come true and with the right training and instruction, you can become the licensed and certified pilot you always dreamt of!