Necessary Traits to Excel As a Photographer

If there is one thing that has grown by a great leap in the last century, it has to be the technology of photography. Cameras have always been one of the most cherished finds of humanity and the innovation continues to improvise all the way even now.

Cameras nowadays come with telescopic lens, and filters and more just so that the photographers can take snaps of even the minutest or the farthest bird in detail. All the tiniest flecks on the feathers of the wings are now clear. But it takes specialist photographers like Michael Haddad to make a mark in this regard.

He has been tirelessly bringing out some of the best photographs while also curating at Harrisburg, PA. However, there is also a common saying that it is not just enough to carry around the heaviest or the most expensive camera and its tools alone. One would require packing in some other traits before they can become ace photographers.

  • Learn Photography: These days, it is not difficult to find reputed photographers or work with them to learn the art. If needed, work under them as an intern. Do spend time with them to pick the right knowledge and also try to find out a good institute if you like to learn the old-fashioned way. But remember, that this is also an art form where certificates or the reputation of the institute will not matter much. What would rather matter are the skill that you learn and the way you highlight your photograph.
  • Read or watch photographers in action: You shall pick up a good book or magazine on photography or else you might even watch award-winning photographers in action. These photographers might be able to show their persistence, their way of spotting a subject and the lengths they would go to take the perfect snap.
  • Get ready to explore: One cannot be homesick if one wishes to be a travel photographer. Prioritize on the things that you need and ensure that you are able to move out of your comfort zone to get the picture you want. If you are ready to explore, then the entire world is your subject.
  • Invest in better gear and accessories slowly: In the beginning, one might not be able to buy everything needed for photography. Slowly, get yourself and your camera a few accessories like tripods or waterproof bags. These would help in keeping the camera and other gear safe too. Additional batteries, memory cards and cleaning tissue and solution would help.
  • Lookout for contests and other avenues: After all, everyone would like to get openings like no other. An incentive for casual submissions online or in magazine might be good. But in order to monetize or earn with these photographers, one has to be socially active like Michael HaddadHe makes sure that he posts these snaps online so that people get to view it and even purchase it.

In short, these traits are essential these days among photographers; and in order to help them grow from an amateur to a professional.