Menopause, Vitamins, and Supplements to Counter Hot Flashes, Weight Gain, and More

The Search for relief from the symptoms and effects of menopause, have taken a shift away from prescription medication and hormone replacement therapy. With increasing knowledge and new information in the area of vitamins and natural supplements, we are beginning to see incredible results with no dangerous side effects.

While we have taken great strides over the years in the area of traditional medicine, I feel that there has been an immense area of research that is yet to be discovered. The arena of natural supplements, vitamins and the holistic approach to curing many of today’s most debilitating ailments, is what I am speaking about.

Although I am not a doctor or anything close, I have had my share of life threatening encounters with ailments of one sort or another. Through the cycle of treatment and recovery, I have done much research and experimenting with natural supplements and vitamins. What I have discovered is this….

  1. Our bodies thrive on natural foods and clean, fresh water.
  1. Anything foreign that we introduce into our system including, but not limited to, steroids, pollution, synthetic or man made pharmaceuticals, or even bio engineered products, are extremely harmful to our body in the long term.

While short term effects may seem favorable to provide relief from our particular symptoms, the side effects and long term repercussions can be devastating. What I am describing is the slow build up of toxins in our body that, in time, will hinder our immune system and natural defenses from doing their jobs. As a cancer survivor, i have witnessed first hand the effects of chemo on healthy, living tissue that inadvertently gets destroyed along with the mutated cancer cells. This onslaught of dead cells and toxins is a very large mountain to move for your body without some much needed help in the form of natural supplements and cleanses.

If by now, you are wondering what does cancer have to do with menopause, my answer is, in theory, everything. Regardless of the disease or affliction, our bodies know what is best for them. Our job as caretakers is to figure out what we are lacking, and provide ourselves with that naturally occurring substance. Producing some chemically engineered drug that is very close to what we are lacking, is not the answer.

My wife had reached the point of “that change of life” a few years ago. There seemed to be nothing that could ease the torment of the hot flashes,constant tiredness, and other issues associated with menopause. This seemed to be unacceptable to me and to her. We knew that there had to be natural supplements and vitamins that would restore her to the state of health that a 43 year old woman should be in. After much research, reading and trials, we arrived at natural solution for those unforgiving symptoms of menopause.

We should not give up on traditional medicine, as it has given us much hope and longevity. However, I feel that we have a tremendous amount of healing power all around us if we only take the time to learn what nature has to offer with