Making Complex Medical Terms Simple!

You never know when illness will strike and this is why you should visit a doctor immediately. However, most people tend to delay going to a doctor and in a short time, they are hit with a chronic disease. It is here medical literature steps in to spread awareness and knowledge about the healthcare industry and diseases that affect humankind. Writers of medical literature always say prevention is better than a cure!


A writer of medical literature who cares

Vijaya Prakash Boggala is a writer of medical literature has several years of experience when it comes to writing medical abstracts on paper. Medical literature not only helps doctors but it also helps the common man in understanding the nature of disease and illness. Medical terms are simplified and easy to understand. The seeds of confusion are uprooted from the minds of the ignorant. He says that many people in the USA even do not know the right doctor to consult for chronic illness. They confuse internist with intern and this makes it hard for them to get proper treatment. They do not know the sub-specialties of medicine and believe a general practitioner is enough to cure disease.

Making terms simple

He says he makes an effort to make these terms simple. Take for example the difference between an intern and an internist. He has explained the difference below-

He says that an internist should not be confused with an intern. The internist is an MD and puts in ten to fifteen years of rigorous medical study and research. He does not perform surgeries and treat babies, children and pregnant women. The internist is more of a consultant to the doctor who fails to figure out complex diseases. If the doctor does not understand the disease, he or she will not be able to devise a tailor-made treatment plan for the patient.

Internists are mostly consulted for diseases that are very complex and rare in nature. This is why they are considered to be specialists in the field of heart and kidney disease as they are able to provide patients with an accurate diagnosis. The internist often asks his patients to conduct additional tests as he needs to be certain about the whole body. The approach here is not to treat only a section of the human body. The whole body needs to be treated as you never know where the cause of the disease might stem from. With the right diagnosis, internists can devise a unique treatment plan and strategy for the patient with reference of the doctor.

The above is just one example of the confusion that people face. There are many more and medical literature makes an effort to eradicate misconceptions.

Vijaya Boggala is known in the USA for his extensive knowledge and skills when it comes to the medical literature. He says that patients should always be prompt when it comes to visiting doctors and addressing the causes of chronic diseases. They should be aware and  know the right doctors to consult always for a fit and healthy life!