Know What Amount Of L-Theanine Dosage Is Best And Be Ready To Get Desired Effects!

L-theanine has become one of the leading supplements due to an ample of benefits it brings to your body and mind. Knowing the right dosage is necessary to get the maximum out of the supplement.

To get L-theanine’s cognitive lift, relaxing the anti-anxiety power, sharpening of energy and focus, just fine tune the right amount that can best suit your body’s specific needs. So now, let us explore some interesting things about this supplement as well as the ideal dosages of it.

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How it works?

Its ability to cross blood-brain barrier is one of the main reasons behind its mood lifting power. So, it is able to influence functions of nervous system that your brain controls and even stimulates brain receptors. L-Theanine stimulates and interacts with many key neurotransmitter receptors like GABA.

GABA is basically inhibitory agent that works to reduce over-firing neurons in your brain. By stimulating production of it along with several other important neurochemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine, L-theanine steers your mind to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety naturally.

The user thereby feels confident, peaceful, and relaxed. The sleeping cycles are normalized as well as the fight reactions are minimized throughout the systems of your body.

Taking this supplement also increases alpha waves in your brain. This kind of activity is mostly associated with mental acuity and intense creativity.

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What is the ideal dosage of L-Theanine for you?

To best enjoy all these benefits, what amount of L-theanine can be ideal for you? Well, everyone is unique. Plus, different factors like height, age, as well as natural tolerance levels will greatly influence the right L-theanine dosage amount that can best suit your requirements.

However, 50 mg is generally
>recommended daily dose of Theanine
. While taking it first time, do not combine it with any other supplement. Take it at the recommended dose without including any other pills. After that, simply carry on the regular activities including reading, working, spending time outdoors, etc.

Do you feel tranquil and relaxed? Do different types of senses like hearing and touching feel more sensitive? Once you feel like it, you can then gradually increase its dosage by 50-100 mg.

Most of the people that take this supplement on regular basis normally have a daily average of 200 mg per dosing, while others even go for 400 mg or more. It is important to listen to your mind’s and body’s reactions.

You can achieve the benefits that you want with moderate daily doses. So, go for the right dose and achieve the desired effects for your mind and body!