Electronic Cigarettes – Medication towards Tobacco Smoking

We have always heard about people getting addicted to drugs and other form of the drug intake, once the body gets used to this, it becomes difficult to quit this without any medication or precautions. The very common tobacco intakes which we have seen is smoking, Smokers smoke Cigar, Cigarettes which is a form of tobacco. Here the tobacco is burnt and the smoke which comes out of it is inhaled or we can say tasted, this causes the problems to the mouth and the lungs. This can be done by either rolling the paper which contains raw tobacco and then burning it, or smoking bides or cigars. These styles can be seen in almost every country, as it is really causing lot of problems too many smokers, there have been scientific experiments conducted to help these smokers to get rid of smoking. The latest invention which has been introduced in the market is e-cigarettes, which is known as Electric cigarettes.Image result for Electronic Cigarettes – Medication towards Tobacco Smoking

Facts about E – Cigarettes

There are many smoker who know the disadvantage of smoking but still smoke, it’s not like they don’t get the idea of quitting smoking, they also want to quit but many times it is very difficult. Hence trying their own tricks and ideas don’t help them and they end up smoking daily instead of quitting it. Smoking is a form of drug addict because if you observe smokers unknowingly become chain smokers and sometimes end up smoking more than 20 cigarettes in a day this slowly causes lot of health issues and weakness in the body. So it is very important that smokers take proper guidance to get idea to quit smoking and start a healthy life.

These cigarettes are designed in the form of the actual cigarette, so that the smoker has a feeling of smoking a cigarette initially, this device contains a cartridge which contains nicotine, which is in the form liquid. When a person tries to inhale, the liquid gets evaporated in the form of a vapor. This is possible because of the tiny battery which actually helps the liquid to form a vapor. This helps the smoker to get a feeling of smoking. Then this vapor is inhaled by the user.

This Liquid which is in the cartridge is called as e-juice; this is one of the important parts of these cigarettes as it helps the user to get rid of tobacco addiction. This e juice is also known as e-liquids which come in different fruit flavors as per the user’s wish. This liquid contains nicotine in a very less percentage, depending on the strength. This Nicotine’s are the pure pharmaceutical liquids, which are safe for the body as compared to the harmful tobacco intake. These liquids also contain vegetable Glycerin which is the main ingredient in this liquid. This indeed shows that electric Cigarettes don’t contain more than 4000 chemicals which are found in a Cigarette and hence helps smokers to quit smoking slowly.