Dress for Success: How Clothes Influence Our Performance

The clothes you wear speak volumes about you. They are rightly said to be an extension of one’s personality. What you wear could even influence your thinking, skills and even your heart rate. Many studies have also revealed that the clothes you wear affect your mental and physical performance. So, don’t you think that our dresses must be chosen wisely? Let us now scroll down to find out as to how clothes influence our performance.

A paper in 2015 asked subjects to dress up either in formal or casual wear before cognitive tests. It was noticed that wearing formal wear increased abstract thinking. Also it was noticed that the effect is directly related to the feeling of power.Image result for Dress for Success: How Clothes Influence Our Performance

Another study report was conducted in the year 2014, where the male subjects wore their usual attire, suit or sweats. Then they were asked to negotiate with their partner. It was observed that those who dressed up obtained more profitable deals than the other group who was in casuals.

“When you need to think creatively, about the bigger picture, that’s when dressing formally will increase your productivity,” says co-author Michael L. Slepian, a postdoctoral research scholar and adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Business School. “People who wear that kind of clothing feel more powerful,” he says. “When you feel more powerful, you don’t have to focus on the details.”

For men, a full suit, sport coat, or even a tie can put you in a more professional mind-set, says Julie Rath, a men’s style consultant.

Below are certain tips for you to ensure that your clothes have a positive impact on your success level:-

  • Don’t wear dirty clothes: If you plan to repeat a shirt one more time, before sending it for laundry, trust me your idea is not so cool.
  • Don’t show much of your skin: Strapless tops, short skirts shall be avoided.
  • Iron your clothes: Wrinkled clothes are a big NO. Make sure you iron your clothes well before wearing them.
  • Follow dress code: Don’t wear a sports watch with formal attire and vice versa.
  • Wear polished shoes: Don’t go for shoes covered with dirt. Make sure you polish your shoes well before putting them on.
  • Wear well-fitted clothes: Nobody wants to see you in baggy clothes. Wear proper fitted clothes for that professional look. Women should buy a nice ladies bra and panties online that makes their clothes look perfect and fitted.

Even if you work at a place wearing shorts and boxers is considered OK! Don’t go for it, as it could ruin away your professional look. Use a nice fragrance to complete your look. Nowadays, it has become very easy to find the perfect professional attire for ourselves relaxing at our home. Yes, you heard that right. There are so many online shopping stores that stock some of the best brands of ladies dresses and men’s suit that could make heads turn towards you. Some of the famous ones are Tata CliQ, Myntra, Jabongetc to name just a few.