Clenbuterol for Bodybuilding –What Studies Claim

Clenbuterol is a famous supplement which acts as a stimulant for the bodybuilders. It is known to give a rise to energy and boost metabolism. Research says that the supplement increases body temperature to achieve all these. With time the supplement has become the most searched weight loss medicine across the world. Even the celebrities have started using the supplement for the weight loss benefits. The studies claim that Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan have used the supplement for quick weight loss. However, like any other supplement, this one too has some ups and downs. For this reasons, you need to understand the supplement and the usage before you begin to use it.

If you decided to use it, you need to first ask yourself –what this half life Clenbuterolis.According to studies the half life lasts for about 36 hours maximum. Now, you might wonder what Clenbuterol active life is. This is something which lasts for around 3 days. The medicine can be traced in blood a couple days after using it.


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The medicine has gained popularity among people for the various benefits it offers. The medicine is known to burn fat quickly. It is said to be more effective than any other fat burners. The other fat burners which remain in the blood for a shorter period of time don’t work as efficiently as this medicine. It remains in blood for a much longer time and therefore works at much faster rate.

Clenbuterol is an effective medicine which works in various ways. Some studies show that the medicine works its wonder when used for muscle retention. It also works to prevent muscle loss. The supplement had been designed to act as a medicine for asthma.

How does it work is a question. When you consume this medicine it increases the body temperature by giving rise to an adrenaline effect in the body. As the temperature increases body begins to melt. As a result stored fat gets burned quickly. It generates metabolic rate increase and helps in burning calorie.

There are various ways you can take this medicine. It can be taken as oral medicine. This is said to be the best way to consume the medicine. However, there are some others ways which people prefer to consume this medicine. Some take it as nasal spray. Some use it as liquid medicine. However, it works in every form.

There is an argument about the best form. While one cannot ignore that the liquid form is easier to absorb, the pills can be counted and one would know how many they have consumed so far.

Sometimes such medicines are taken in split dosages. However, Clenbuterol offers a long life line. Due to this, the consumers would not have to split the dosages. They can use the medicine as whole. Some even say that if you divide the medicine in several dosage, it usually loses the power to help weight loss. Morning is the common time when the medicine is usually taken. It helps body ti get prepared for the metabolism rise.