Can Health Chocolate Bars Be a Replacement of Your Meal!! Just, Have a Look

As per studies, it’s been well established that dark chocolate which is one of the key ingredients used in snack bars offer a number of health benefits. Importantly, it has the ability to trim-down your blood pressure, elevate blood flow and harden arteries. On the contrary, you must be aware that chocolate that are typically consumed by people contain high amount of fat and sugar. Both affect you adversely by providing you excess amount of calories and make you obese.

Furthermore, whereas the survey report depicts that the majority of so-called nutritious bar contains gluten, a key cause leads to celiac decease, finding a real gluten free chocolate bar likely to be overwhelming. Even though, all these chocolate bars contain different minerals, vitamin, protein or sugar, most manufacturers are not maintaining the right mix which can make them truly healthy.

Based in Santa Barbara, Peter Gaum a self motive, dynamic, promising business entrepreneur, the founder and developer of Santa Barbara Essential Foods, one of the top leading bakeries in the country, strongly believes that correct combination of natural ingredients can only produce the right snack bar that consumers deserve. Since opening of the bakery in 1991, he was absolutely focused on providing customers with the taste of natural ingredients with best flavor and nutrition value.

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Undeniably, with numbers of company’s own selling outlets in almost all major state, it has successfully developed a solid wholesale and retail sales network scattered all over the country. And undoubtedly, this success story of Santa Barbara thus proves Mr. Peter a victorious visionary.  The company represents three major subsidiaries including Santa Barbara Baking Company, Santa Barbara Bar and Debbie’s Delights. The group also supplies high category backed goods for the major chain Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

When it comes to the ingredients part, each Santa Barbara Bar contains essential nutrients like 8G protein, Omega-3 essential fats and 4G of fiber. Interested to know about its gluten contains? Well, you will be certainly impressed to know that one of the great causes that has made the product extremely adored is that the product boasts of offering 100% gluten-free health bars. It is just not a publicity stunt, but it has been certified by GFCO, the Gluten Free Certification Organization that affairs its claim.

Notably, while procuring necessary raw materials; each item is checked by its Quality Control section to ensure that don’t include gluten in any percentage or form.  Amazing part of its bar recipe  is that only with 8-9 grams of sugar, the gluten-free, non GMO healthy snack bars are found the best choice meal replacement to countless working women to busy professionals.

You can get Peter Gaum Santa Barbara health bars in five delicious flavors and that are Dark Chocolate Almond, Mango Lemon, Coconut Almond, Cranberry White Chocolate and Peanut Cherry Chocolate made from processed natural ingredients such as almonds, coconut, chia seeds as well as cranberries. So why do wait? Attain the best taste and health assurance of Santa Barbara, California, from today only!!