Artemisia Annua Tea- Supplement for Mind Relaxation

For improvement of the immune system and for relaxation of mind, Artemisian annua tea, is used which is an herbal remedy. Many people prefer these herbal remedies than taking pills. These Artemisian annua tea leaves are used for brewing the tea and many herbal stores sell these tea bags which are already measured.

Asteraceae is used in medicines

This Artemisia annua plant is from Asteraceae family and is used in medicines. This plant is two meters long and has leaves which are similar to that of fern plant. Its flowers smell like camphor. It is used for treating malaria as well as asthma. Annua Tea recipes are really simple and can be made complex by adding more ingredients. One needs to follow the instructions of the packet label for the dosage. There are many brands, so each tea bag differs in its components as well as potency. Generally half to one teaspoon of leaves can be poured into one cup of hot water and the tea can be made. Few leaves need boiling water while few doesn’t as it may damage the compounds in the leaves. As the leaves are strong and tastes bitter, sweetener is needed.  When taken on full stomach, it is well digested.Image result for Artemisia Annua Tea- Supplement for Mind Relaxation

Tea has acts as enhancer as it has antioxidant properties

Artemisia annua tea has many components of bioactive plant and has Artemisinin chemical. This Artemisinin has anti-malarial effect and is used in Artemisinin Combination Therapy. It also has compounds of flavonoid which enhance antioxidant protection.  These free radicals are more effective than any other vitamin c, vitamin E and Glutathione. Artemisia annua tea can be prepared in many traditional ways and used in many herbal therapies and in western ways in medical treatment also. This tea leaves and extract are best for immune system supporting. This plant has highest ratio of oxygen absorption because of its flavonoids. Recipe found here!

Artemisia Annua is safe and must be taken in recommended dosage

When Artemisia Annua tea is used as per the recommended doses, it is totally safe. As this leaves have pollen in it, few individuals may face allergy.  This herb is short life and is quickly eliminated from the body. Few derivatives of artemisinin have artesunate, arteether and artemether. The dosage also depends on the percentage of these components. When the concentration of artemisin in and other are high, then one needs to add lesser amount of leaves in their tea. The components are different from region to region. The dosage also depends on the age of the person, health and their medical condition. If a person is under medication for diabetes, this Artemisia annua tea or capsules are not recommended as it decreases the blood sugar levels. It not only decreases the blood sugar levels, but also the person may be at risk of hypoglycaemia which is very low blood sugar level. Few common diabetic medicines are Avandia and amaryl. It is suggested to consult a doctor before using herbal teas or any herbal remedies.